Steam Team Announces They Have Been Chosen as One of the Best Companies to Work For


(Austin, Texas) Steam Team ( proudly announces they have been named as one of the 2015 Best Companies to Work for in the state of Texas. This awards program, established in 2006, is the creation of the Texas Association of Business (TAB), Texas SHRM, Texas Monthly and Best Companies Group. Individuals in need of cleaning services in the Austin, Texas area should select The Steam Team to ensure they are getting quality service each and every time.

“We are very honored to be named among the Top Ten Cleaning Companies In Austin. Our goal is to always exceed the expectations of the client, whether they are in need of carpet cleaning, restoration services or tile and grout cleaning. Whether the home or office has been damaged by fire or water, construction work or a natural disaster, we are here to help. We have a 24 hour water/fire emergency hotline for this purpose,” David Marquardt, spokesperson for Steam Team Inc, announces.

Once the cleaning process is complete, many individuals feel the work is done. This isn’t the case in numerous situations. Individuals need to consider how to protect floors, carpets and more in the future, to prevent the need for more frequent cleanings or additional services.

“For example, a silicone impregnator sealer may be used on slate floors to protect the stone and increase durability. Granite floors benefit from the use of a waterproofing substance, especially in areas like bathrooms and kitchens. These are just two of the many services a client can request when making use of The Steam Team,” Marquardt continues. 

Individuals need to consider more than floor surfaces in the home when it comes to a deep cleaning. The air in the home may also be extremely dirty, up to five times dirtier than the air individuals breathe in outdoors. As approximately 90 percent of a person’s time is spent inside, air duct cleaning should be considered when cleaning a home. This process removes any undesirable contaminants, such as bacteria and mold. Individuals find they breathe easier when the ducts are clean, and this is only one of the many services a person may request through The Steam Team.

“Contact us today to learn about our current specials. We offer an elite package which consists of a professional deep steam cleaning, vacuuming, pre-spotting and more. Other packages are also offered to meet the needs of clients, and all come with a ten day 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Our goal is to provide you with the services you need in a timely manner, and we offer all inclusive pricing, so there are no surprises when the time comes to pay the bill. Call today to learn about other pricing specials, as we want to give you the best deal possible, regardless of what you need to have done,” Marquardt states.

About Steam Team Inc:

The Steam Team, founded in Austin in 1983, steadily continues to expand its service offerings to meet the needs of clients. In 2003, the Austin Business of Journal named the company one of the fastest growing in the city and, in 2005, The Steam Team was the only finalist in the customer service category for the Austin Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. The company reputation is built on performing beyond the highest expectations, with greater personal involvement and professional focus than seen with competitors. From the initial consultation and planning, through project management, catastrophe management, reconstruction and restoration, The Steam Team remains dedicated, enthusiastic and professional.


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Mercedes Benz of Westwood to Take Delivery of New Metris Mid-Sized Van in October


WESTWOOD, Mass. — Mercedes Benz of Westwood announced that it will be accepting some of the region’s first shipments of the Mercedes Metris mid-sized van in October. Packing the legendary quality and capability of the full-sized Mercedes Sprinter van into a more agile and compact form, the new 2016 Metris will appeal to those looking for a hard-working van with improved maneuverability. The new Metris mid-sized van will be available to buyers at Mercedes Benz of Westwood in October, marking the first appearance of the eagerly awaited vehicle in New England.

“The Mercedes Sprinter is an incredible vehicle, delivering so much reliability and cargo-carrying capacity to so many owners,” Mercedes Benz of Westwood James Tully said, “Now that level of quality is going to be available for the first time in a more compact, mid-sized van. We’re proud to be introducing the Metris to New England in October and confident that the new van is going to impress our customers.  It is the S Class of the Mid-Size Van segment in the US”

Although thought of by many in the United States as a primarily luxury-oriented manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz has a long history of producing no-nonsense, work-focused vehicles. Whether that means powerful tractor-trailers or the venerable Sprinter van, Mercedes-Benz vehicles have been mainstays for commercial and industrial users throughout Europe and much of the rest of the world for decades.

In recent years, buyers in the United States have started to catch on, too. After the 2001 U.S. launch of the company’s Sprinter van under the Freightliner mark and a subsequent 2007 generational update, Mercedes-Benz took brand ownership of the vehicle in 2010. Since then, the Sprinter has quickly become a highly regarded alternative to traditionally popular full-sized vans from American makers like Ford and Dodge.

With U.S. buyers already appreciating the reliability, value, and capability of the full-sized Sprinter van, the arrival of the mid-sized Metris has been eagerly anticipated. Its ancestors having already proved their bona fides overseas for nearly two decades under labels like “Vito” and “Vitoria,” the 2016 Metris has received rave early reviews, as with a recent 5-star rating from Car and Driver magazine.

Mercedes Benz of Westwood will be a particularly appropriate launching point for the New England introduction of the new Mercedes Metris Van. At a website known as “Sprinter Guy Boston,” the dealership’s representatives have been educating New England residents about the advantages of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for over a year. Visitors to that site can now also find plenty of information there about the upcoming 2016 Mercedes-Benz Metris van. Mercedes Benz of Westwood expects to have the new Metris available to buy starting in mid to late October.

About Mercedes Benz of Westwood:
Serving customers throughout the Boston area and beyond, Mercedes Benz of Westwood emphasizes professionalism and quality of service, aiming for complete client satisfaction in every case.

Media Contact:
James Tully
Westwood, MA 02090
Telephone: 781-688-1073


Having Trustworthy Details Is Able To Keep Your Puppies Vibrant

People who own dogs must pay distinct appreciation of their canine’s skin. Though it may be protected in fur, it might still grow to be agitated and in some cases contaminated if this is not really cared for properly. Skin issues with dogs are usually not recognized very quickly and in some cases, when they are, they are simply much more serious. Even though it is essential to take pet dogs to the veterinary clinic on a regular basis to get checkups and also keep their hair groomed, epidermis problems are fairly common among all canines. The key difference may be the dog owners who proactively maintain their pup’s skin area go through less significant instances. Pet owners that suspect their dog might have difficulties can discover information and pictures on dog skin conditions on this page. A lot of dog owners don’t seem to be certain how to treat skin problems in dogs so they invest a lot of cash on expensive over the counter items and visits to their veterinary clinic every time they could very well handle the situation by themselves from home when they obtained reputable details. Simply by using a extensive handbook, puppy owners can easily learn about treatment for hot spots on dogs and other common skin conditions to enable them to ensure their particular pet will be comfortable and in good health for many, many years. Nobody would like his or her canine to become irritated thus getting this level of detail is essential for each and every dog owner who does not have the time and energy to rush towards the veterinarian clinic each time their dog itches to obtain advice for treating dog skin problems. Since many difficulties could be averted by using good care, pet owners must definitely have their pet neat and their hair cut to some sensible length. This is especially crucial in hot weather should the dog spends a lot of time in the open air. If a dilemma does happen, it’s essential to treat it quickly in order that it does not become worse. Canines that have itching skin area troubles could possibly get infections quickly when it is not tackled immediately. Trying to keep the dog healthier is not really difficult once you have the right tools close at hand. Seek out reliable information and facts authored by recognized experts to guarantee your home treatment options do not trigger more harm than good for your dog.

The Best Way to Pick Perfect Accessories For Your Kid

Searching for baseball products for your own kid could be complicated. There are so many forms of equipment that it could possibly be hard for mothers and fathers to know precisely what their child definitely requires. One thing you will need to acquire is actually a baseball glove. It is imperative that you get your kid a mitt which fits his or her catching hand. Even though you can find hand protection in almost all price ranges and many that happen to be quite expensive, acquiring suitably size youth baseball equipment is a lot more important when compared with acquiring the highest priced things. A moderately priced baseball glove that will fit nicely will help your son or daughter master the right way to participate in the sport a lot better than the one that is too big. Youngsters should have a brand new mitt roughly every two seasons. Your son or daughter should also have a bat that’s the appropriate size with regard to their body. Acquiring youth baseball gear which is too large hoping that you will likely not really have to change it in the next number of years may well result in your son or daughter developing bad habits. Baseball spikes along with other products could possibly be advised by the child’s baseball coach or league. A seasoned salesperson can help you pick the correct gear in the right sizes for the child so they can increase their sport in addition to master the game of baseball.

Precisely What Hunters Achieve Within the Summer

There is much for any truly serious outdoorsman to generally be occupied accomplishing during the summer. The warm months are a great time to study charts involving locations you could possibly desire to hunt in the fall, to build associations with landowners as well as to investigate your land. It is additionally a good time to go through, fix, substitute and decide upon essential hunting supplies for the approaching hunting seasons in the fall as well as winter weather months. Many products are generally available for sale and even clearance, and you are obviously probably going to be in the position to grab good clothing such as boots, overcoats, mitts and caps for far not as much as they will cost inside merely a few more weeks. It is additionally the optimum time to secure a brand new duck call or perhaps decoy, new optics or even get your knives honed.

Websites for example offer you great advice on what to consider in larger buys that you could be interested in buying, say for example a hunting blind with regard to duck hunting or perhaps a tree stand when hunting deer. You have to think about variables for example sturdiness, longevity and cost, but also, dimension. Anyone who hunts alone will require a different height and width of blind than somebody that hunts in bigger groups, or perhaps will need to have several blinds. Examine to find additional information!

Watching Sports from Around the World on a Mobile Device

The busy professional usually has little time to sit down and watch television or even keep up with their favorite sport team. Usually they can get a quick update on their cell phone, but he is not able to watch the actual game. Sometimes the experience of actually watching the game triumphs just knowing the score and who won. Because technology has become more powerful than ever, many companies are using this power to bring the experience back to the busy fan. These companies have creates various software, applications and devices that the fan may use to be able to watch sports in real-time.

The creativity behind this software has considered the types of devices the busy professional may utilize and made the software to be compatible with those devices. To access the software to watch live sports on any portable device, the fan must first visit a website such as which provides access to the sporting networks. Once the fan is on the website, the sporting event may be watched directly on the website if the device is compatible. If the fan is trying to access the live sports on a cell phone, an automated compatibility check will ensure the device can handle the data stream and application. If the device is not compatible, an automated process will inform the device of an alternative method in which the application may be accessed.

The technology behind the software is able to help the busy professional to keep up with their favorite sport while on the go. He can also watch any game he wants without the limitations of being in a specific regional area. This is a big pro because most cable and satellite companies limit customers to watch only games that are being played in their region. If the professional is entertaining guests that may want to watch the game as well during their down-time, the professional may connect the portable device to a television to watch it on a larger screen. Another one of the best features of these sporting websites and applications is that the fan can switch between watching any real-time game from around the world regardless if it is: football, hockey or golf.

Practicing Golf at Home: 3 Pieces of Equipment Every Golfer Needs

The game of golf is complex, requiring lots of practice in order to become skilled. Because time on the golf course needs to be arranged in advance, most people can’t practice as often as they might like. However, it is possible to purchase some golf training and practice tools that can make it feel like the golf course is a little closer to home.

Golf Mats

Golf mats allow a player to tee off in a variety of different locations. The mat creates an ideal surface for practice. Mats come in a variety of sizes and materials, so consider measuring out the practice space before making a purchase.

In addition to creating a golfing surface, these mats protect the ground as well as the clubs. Golf clubs that come into contact with concrete can break or become scratched. Certain surface can be damaged with the swing of the club. The mat protects both.

Golf Nets

Most people don’t have a lot of room to practice golf. However, they want to swing the club, coming into contact with the ball over and over again to perfect the swing. Golf nets are great for this type of practice. There’s no need to find an abandoned area of town to work on a swing.

As an added bonus, because the ball is shot into the net, it stays close by. No one wants to run through the area searching for a bunch of golf balls. With the net, there is no need to keep a large quantity of balls on hand at all times. Check out the nets available at to see which one would work best for the designated practice space.

Putting Greens

Putting is an activity that doesn’t require a person to work up a sweat and it can be done just about anywhere with a putting green. While the golf mat offers just enough space for a person to practice his or her swing, a green tends to be much larger. A golfer can move around the green and take various shots from different locations.

With a golf mat, a golf net, and a putting green nearby, a golfer has everything needed to improve his or her game.

Experience Miami Beach Chartered Fishing Boats Up Close And Personally

When you want some adventure on a vacation, make your plans to spend some time on Miami Beach chartered fishing boats. There is nothing quite like getting out on the open seas and getting into a battle with a big sport fish. Whether you go out on a light tackle boat to catch sailfish, dolphin, kingfish or tarpon or decide on a bigger boat to land a shark, you will have the time of your life.

Even if you have never had the experience of fishing in the ocean, the captain and crew of the Miami Beach chartered fishing boats will be there to show you exactly how to handle the tackle. Once you have one of these big sports fish on your line, they will be close by to help you with the fight if you need them to. They consider it part of their job to insure that you are able to bring in the fish you are after. They want their charter to be one that you brag about to your friends.

They know that you will take all of the credit for landing the fish for yourself, but they also know that you will tell everyone about the great captain you had when you went out on one of the best Miami Beach chartered fishing boats available. Make sure to bring a camera with you so that the captain or one of the crew can take shots of you right when you are fighting with the fish. If you bring the family with you, perhaps they will take the pictures. Once that great sport fish is in the boat, you will also want pictures of yourself (perhaps surrounded by the family) right next to the fish. You want to be able to show just how big that fish is, of course.

What makes you so sure that you will have a great adventure is knowing all of the Miami Beach chartered fishing boat captains have a great deal of experience. They know all of the best spots to go to, which guarantees that you will get the fish you want. They also have experience dealing with the families they take out. They can help them have a great experience just being on the boat and out at sea, so to speak.

These Miami Beach chartered fishing boat captains know where to find empty islands that they can land at, so the family can go ashore for lunch while the fighting fisher-persons get some rest. The kids can explore the little island for a short time and then everyone re-boards the boat for the trip back to Miami Beach.

How Can a Skidless Yoga Towel Help Your Routine?

When you are doing yoga poses, it is crucial you feel completely confident in your ability to stay stable and safe. Many people experience great amounts of sweat when they are doing yoga. This is especially true if you participate in hot yoga. Unfortunately, sweat can cause you to slip and slide around on traditional yoga mats. This is why many people are now using a skidless yoga towel over their mat. This gives you the sweat protection you need, so you can hold a variety of poses without issue.

When choosing a yoga towel, it is important you choose carefully. Not all towels are made to withstand a full yoga routine. The towel should be made of a thick suede material, so it feels secure beneath you. This material will whisk away sweat, so it does not cause you to slip and slide. Since the material absorbs so much sweat and stays dry, you will be able to use the towel for long periods of time without experiencing any issues.

Some people mistakenly believe they can use beach towels or even household towels for yoga. This can be a big mistake. First of all, they are not thick enough to offer you the right level of comfort. They also do not have a skidless back, so they will not cling to your yoga mat. This can actually be dangerous and cause you to fall.

If you do not feel confident in your stability, you are not going to be able to properly hold your yoga poses for extended times. This is why it is crucial you choose the right towel to use. This will help to keep you secure, so you have greater confidence and better ability.

To use your towel, you simply place it over your yoga mat. The material immediately clings in place, so the towel remains stable. If you do not have a yoga mat, you can also use the towel alone. It is perfect for yoga workouts and other exercise routines. With the ultra soft material, your skin will stay comfortable and dry throughout your workouts.

How to Have a Vacaction to Remember

If you want to really make every vacation memorable, the planning needs to start well before you actually board the plane or hit the road. There are several tips that you can easily use to make your vacation the very best time of your life. Best of all, these are very easy tips to implement. Keep reading to learn how to make your upcoming vacation extra enjoyable!

Many people prefer not to over plan a vacation, thinking that it could be stressful to deal with all the details ahead of time. In actuality, doing at least some basic itinerary work before you leave will remove a lot of unexpected issues from your shoulders. While you don’t need to micro-manage your vacation days, it is really helpful to have an idea of what activities you plan for each day. For example, know which day and time you are doing sightseeing trips, when you’re going to lounge in bed and order room service, and when you are going to go meet up with friends. You don’t have to plan multiple activities for one day if you don’t want to. In fact, planning just one activity per day can be the perfect balance of free time and planned activities.

Another helpful tip for vacation involves your meals. Although it may sound like common sense, you need to actually remember to eat regular meals while you’re vacationing. Many people get so caught up in vacation fun or in their vacation relaxation that they literally forget to eat, or eat on a really sporadic schedule. Being under fueled can make you exhausted and grumpy, which can end up ruining your holidays. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, just like you do at home. This will ensure that you have the energy you need to make the most of the vacation.

The final tip for making your vacation a time to remember is to step outside of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to try a new thing each day that you’re on vacation. This doesn’t have to be anything huge: Maybe just trying a new drink or food, for example. You can make your new thing nearly anything. These new things are some of the most likely ones to be standout memories later on!